Jackalope on Wyoming cedar.
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Wow! The Beautiful Jackalope taxidermy
shoulder mount on a rustic rough Wyoming
cedar slab which is about 6-8 inches wide in
the middle. He is about 18-21 inches from
the bottom of the base to the top of his
antlers. Free shipping in the US.

Our Big Rack Jackalope is the same as the one
above except that he has a rack at least 8
inches from base to tip when you measure
around the outside of the antlers.

Now for the biggest and best Jackalope we have for you, your friend,
family member or loved one, the Super Rack Jackalope. This guy
has a rack that is from 9-11 inches from the base along the outside of
the antlers to the tips.

This is our biggest and best Jackalope shoulder mount we have ever

The Blue Eyed Jackalope
FAQ's we about our Jackalopes.

Q. Can we ship outside the USA?
A. Sure, We do it all the time. Just click on order and follow the directions.
Extra shipping wil automatically be added at checkout .
Q. Can you mount my antlers on one of your Jackalopes or make a special one
for me?
A. Sorry, we are not able to do custom work.
Q. What is the difference between the Jackalope on Cedar, the Big Rack
Jackalope and the Super Rack Jackalope.
A. The only difference is that the Big Rack and Super Rack have larger antlers.
Q. Can you email photos of the Big Rack and Super Rack.
A. Sorry, we don't have any other photos of them since they are the same as
the Jackalope on Cedar except for the larger antlers.