The fabulous Jackalope of Wyoming, also known as the Jackelope, or Jack-o-lope, was first sighted by
lonesome cowboys while they were singing songs around their campfires. To find a mounted Jackalope head is
extremely rare since it has been illegal to hunt them for quite some time.
Nowadays hunters covet the very limited hunting permits issued to hunt the fabulous Wyoming
Jackalope. However, the hunters are only allowed to take the male of the species.
Since the male and female Jackalope look alike from a distance, the hunting permit is valid only if
hunting is done with a slingshot using stun pellets. After the Jackalope is stunned, the lucky hunter must perform
a close visual inspection to determine the sex of the stunned Jackalope. In order to increase the further
propagation of the species the female Jackalope must be released immediately.
Now you can own one of these fine rare Jackalopes. It also makes a wonderful gift. Thanks, Dr. Jack
A. Lope
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Full Body Mounted Jackalope.  Click to see a bigger picture.
Full body standing Jackalope. He's about 20-23


Please note: All mounted Jackalopes are professionally done by a taxidermist. The pictures are file photos and
yours will be slightly different. However, each is guaranteed to have at least two prongs on each real antler.

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Jackalope Lovers click to see a bigger image
Jackalope Lovers.

This is a buck and doe taxidermy mount with the
doe snugling the buck. Usually $259.95 with free

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Flying Jackalope or pheasalope.  Click to see a bigger image.
The pheasalope or flying Jackalope is a cross between
a Jackalope and a pheasant. This is a result of the long
winter nights in Wyoming.

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Buy a Jackalope here. Jackalope taxidermy mounts, The Jackalope. Real or mythical? You be the judge. The Jackalope,
Jack hare, Jacka rabbit, Jackelope, Jackolope, Jack-o-lope, Jack-a-lope or Jackalop, however you spell it has been
studied by the
scientific community over the past 400 years. The first sitings were in Germany in the sixteen hundreds. Since
then it has been proven that the unusual
horned protrusions on the animal were caused by a rare carcinoma, (maybe). If you
encounter the rare fabulous Jackalope you should be advised not to approach it as it has been
known to attack without warning!

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Jackalope Taxidermy mount on Pine.
Here is our Jackalope on Pine. Yes, they
have real antlers, not plastic resin fake

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